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A Unified Safety Solution


Speed and reliability is critical for safety.  CrisisGo is a digital safety and incident management platform that helps everyone stay safe at work, at home, at school, and on-the-go. Safety is more than just emergencies, and by focusing on physical, mental, and cyber safety, risks can be reduced


CrisisGo empowers you to recognize, prepare, address, and review incidents at all levels. When you deploy CrisisGo, you'll be creating a safety network that is fast, reliable and powerful.





CrisisGo - Education

Communicate Throughout a Crisis


Simply being told there is an emergency is not enough. Your students, teachers, staff, and parents need to be able to communicate throughout any situation. Our digital safety and crisis response platform provides your K-12 and college campus with everything they need to connect the dots for school safety.  With CrisisGo, your schools can cover the processes and workflows required for school safety, integrate the technology needed to streamline safety, and connect the people who make safety happen. Last year alone, 486,000 alerts and over 48 million critical messages were sent out by schools across the country using CrisisGo to prevent, prepare, respond, and recover from over 400 types of school safety threats.




CrisisGo Safety iPass

Safely return to work and school


Safety iPass is an easy-to-use intelligent survey that assigns a badge status for entry based on the results of the COVID-19 survey questions and the individual’s temperature check. Verification of the status of those entering the facility can be handled by scanning the CrisisGo app or employee ID badge, visually reviewing badges,  or  through  reviewing  the  status  web  portal.  Safety  iPass  features valuable tools that can help shape and accelerate plans to ensure the safety and health of employees returning to work.

CrisisGo - Enterprise

Communicate and Protect your business

Safety for Everyone, Everywhere

Business Safety should be a standard practice, and CrisisGo provides solutions for companies to improve their safety and response planning. Through safety technology, your business can be better prepared to respond to emergencies - anytime, anywhere, any device.

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