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Being everywhere, all the time is impossible.  The resources needed to maintain law and order are increasing and budgets are shrinking.  As city populations grow, so do the needs of our law enforcement and first responder communities.  Our solutions for city-wide security and surveillance provide you with the much needed resources to cover more ground with less effort.

J & M Security Solutions has been providing cities and municipalities with dedicated solutions to enhance public safety and security for over 10 years.  Our experience with designing, deploying and managing complex security solutions that cover entire cities help to deter crime, decrease response times and close cases faster.  We use best-in-class, battle proven technology available in the industry today from Hanwha, Axis, Rajant Wireless, PlateSmart, Seneca Data, Salient Systems and Milestone to name a few.  Our engineering and development teams can create custom, one-of-a-kind solutions that solve even the most complex pain points.  Simply put, no problem is too hard for us to solve. Call or email us today to see what we can do to help!

J & M Security Solutions supports traditional dedicated wireless design and deployment that span entire cities which allow for the placement of cameras and sensors on city streets.  This approach is very effective in providing additional technology on the street, being a force multiplier and creating greater situational awareness.  Using a mix of Mesh and PtMP radios we create a wide area of coverage to support the technology needed for law enforcement to stay focused on their mission. 

Traditional fixed camera and sensor deployments are great for areas that need constant monitoring and coverage, but what do you do when crime happens in areas not covered by cameras?  How do you monitor pop up protests, riots or gang activity?  How do you rapidly deploy technology in areas not traditionally served by your existing camera platform?


Mounted Surveillance Security Appliance

The NOMAD was created to provide a solution for the immediate needs for crime fighting surveillance in remote areas.  The solution is all inclusive (multiple technologies), rapidly deployable (installs in minutes) and highly scalable (choose the technology that you need).  The unit utilizes all major carrier (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile) cellular networks to provide real-time communications from anywhere.  You may think of this solution as a traditional "pole camera", but it goes far beyond that.  The enclosure and associated hardware is a patented design of J & M Security solutions and supports all cameras available on the market today.  In addition, each unit comes with onboard compute (Intel) and storage (up to 6TB) which allows you to run advanced AI analytics and store live, full motion video up to 30 days.  Additionally, we can integrate technology such as gunhsot detection, wireless device tracking, ground-based radar and chemical/nuclear detection sensors.  Intelligent analytic software integrations include License Plate Recognition (ALPR), Facial Recognition, Object Recognition, Behavioral Recognition and more.  The solution is open platform and easily integrates into your existing VMS platform or can be pre-loaded with your choice of Salient, Milestone or Genetec.

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